Pipey Friends and More

Hey you took some really good pictures of my accessorized (read: tentacled) werewolf. Can I use one of them to put up on my FA page giving you credit and links in the description? I cannot seem to get a good show no matter how hard I try with my phone camera. Please let me know, Furian on FA or furian[at]deeplurk-org thanks! from Anonymous

Definitely! I also plan to make a submission of it on my page there soon.

This is one of the most interesting fursonas I’ve ever made before… It’s the “she-jackal,” by Blitzava. There’s a more normal-looking version, but I like to make things as interesting as possible- so this is the version with the fur retracted. Blitz is the one making those little dragons I’ve gotten addicted to, so we worked out an art trade- this pipey for two dragons!

I believe Robotnik here is my first ever human that I’ve made a pipey of. He’s not exactly…. human-shaped, so that helped. I made sure to go with the SatAM version, which was voiced by our Anthrocon GOH, Jim Cummings. I dropped it off on his table during the last day, but I never got a chance to actually stop and chat with the dude. Here’s hoping he likes his gifts!